Before harvest, the grass under the chestnut orchards was mown. The collection of chestnuts will be facilitated. The harvest starts in September and can last until November. Cleaning the chestnuts At Domaine de Rapatel fruits are picked by net or machine.

The chestnuts are then washed, sorted and divided into two lots:
- the smallest will be dried in a chestnut dryer to become "chestnut", as hard as small pebbles.
- the others will be used to make jams and other soups.

Once the chestnuts are dried, Tanguy and Isabelle sort them by hand to keep only the best ones.
The châtaignons will then be ground thanks to the mill sévenol present on the spot and always in activity.
Making flour on site is a guarantee of quality in the processing of it and the gluten-free guarantee since no other grain is processed on the farm.