The fieldDomaine de Rapatel is pleased to welcome you throughout the year to present the work of Tanguy and Isabelle.

South of the Périgord Noir, on the borders of Quercy and Agenais spreads a chestnut production basin of about thousand hectares.

It is in Villefranche du Périgord, 13th century bastide that you can discover the history of chestnut, chestnut and chestnut.

At Domaine de RAPATEL on 7.5 hectares of chestnut orchard, you will know everything about "the bread tree". The grafting of the tree, the maintenance of the orchards through the harvesting of the fruits until the transformation in flour (mill with chestnut) and the making of the biscuits.

The Bread Tree The chestnut has always fed men! Recognized and neglected, CHATAIGNE is found in our modern diet. Traditional companion of the Christmas turkey, it hides under its rough bark a melting flesh, rich in minerals, ideal to stay in shape! Chestnut flour naturally gluten-free (allergenic) is suitable for both gourmands and gluten intolerant.

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